Happy Birthday

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As always, Danielle Steel delivers a well written novel that is easily absorbed and entertains through to the end of the novel.

Happy Birthday is a novel that revolves around a few characters who share the same birthday, and how quickly their lives intertwine and change in the course of one year. Steel is a master at writing about the feminine desires and hearts of most women, and this book is no exception.

It’s perfect for someone who wants to pass the time reading a good story without having to ponder over it too much.

I only gave it 3 stars because it isn’t a life changing novel. Call it bias or whatever you want, but I simply refuse to give 4 or 5 stars unless it’s a deep, thought provoking story. However, I do think there’s a well-deserved place in the literary community for everyday books like this one. Sometimes people just need to relax and read a book that doesn’t make them think too much or stay awake at night. 


**On a side note, I find it a teensy bit obnoxious that she loves to use the phrase, “he/she felt sorry for him/her.” Maybe it’s a personal thing, but I just dislike the phrase in general, and especially in novels. It’s sloppy and a bit lazy in my opinion. Sort of like writing, “There was violence in the air.” Really? You can’t do better than that? Or you just don’t want to? Ok, I feel better now.




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