Enduring Love

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**I haven’t yet watched the movie, and that had no affect on this review.

I’m glad I decided to give McEwan another try, after being so disappointed in Amsterdam. His prose is just beautiful, truly an art form on its own. There are some books that are read for the story and then there are others that are read just for the way they’re written. I believe McEwan falls into the latter category, despite the fact that he tries his best to entertain his reader. Perhaps what throws me off is that he seems to write in order to impress people with his intelligence, just like some people speak just so they can listen to themselves. I don’t mind this per se, but my patience for it wears thin rather quickly, so I do walk a fine line with McEwan.

Enduring Love is about one moment, a single defining moment that results in catastrophe, and how one might overanalyze their own actions as well as the actions of those around them, perhaps to alleviate feelings of guilt or loss of control. The book does a magnificent job of showing how even the smallest of actions results in consequences, and how those consequences can spiral out of control when dealing with mental illness.

On a side note, I thought the character Clarissa lacked compassion toward Joe, which is quite appalling, given the fact that they had been together for seven years when these events took place.


She should have given her boyfriend the benefit of the doubt, instead of being fearful that Joe was either lying or involved in homosexual activities. However, I think this aspect of her character was rather fascinating, and I really wish that McEwan wrote about that a little more. Ultimately, it didn’t make me root for them as a couple.




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